Carmichaels Cattery

5 Star Accommodation for Your Cat

"You can tell you've picked the right place when your cat doesn't want to come home!" - Trish S

"We love how every time we visit Carmichaels, you see the same familiar face. We believe it makes such a difference to how our cat settles in." - Kelly C.

"You know as soon as you arrive at Carmichaels, the owners take pride in it and it's not just a business to them. The house, Cattery and property are always so well looked after and in fantastic condition!" - Ken & Lara J.

"I have a ... problem cat. Everywhere else tells me he eats fine, and they have had no problems but I know my cat better than anyone, and he isn't like that at all!! I was thankful when Carmichaels told me just how it is as I knew they had gotten to know my cat as an individual. Sonia & Shane are both good, honest, and down to earth people and we appreciate that." - Justin W.

"Every time we go to Carmichaels they are full, but Sonia & Shane always have time to get updated on how our cats have been, and whether there is anything they need to know since the last time they stayed. It is the time and effort that they take to know each and every cat that we really like about Carmichaels" - Angela & Ron S.

"I always say that I send my cat to Carmichaels for retraining! He comes back much better behaved and more relaxed than before he left!" - Sheena C.

"I can tell Sonia spends a lot of time with all the cats. Every time I go in to drop our boy off, her shirt is covered in cat hair!" - Brett L.

"My cat never wants to come home!!!" - Jayde W.

"Carmichaels Cattery is by far one of the nicest facilities in Qld, with the most caring owners, who treat the cats as their own while also being very professional. We do not go away now unless we can get our cats into Carmichaels" - Rayna & Ted M.

"We love this Cattery but Shhhhhhhh! Don't let the secret out - they book out way too quickly as it is!" 

- Susan & Jay B.

Contact Us

Phone: 07 3807 9857

Email: [email protected]

Address: 94 Pagan Road, Yatala Qld 4207

Carmichaels Cattery

5 Star Accommodation 

for your Furry Family Member

Opening Hours

Mon-Sat: 8-10am or 4-6pm

Sun & some Public Hols: 4-5pm

Closed: Some Public Holidays