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Frequently Asked Questions

If staying in your Ca​ttery, when should I give a flea treatment?

Flea treatments should be administered a couple of days prior so there are no traces of fleas upon arrival, and you can check that the treatment has actually worked before the cat comes to stay. If a cat in our care has fleas, we will give it a flea treatment, and the owner will be charged the cost of this upon pickup, plus additional cleaning costs. We have a strict "No Flea Protection = No Entry" policy for the protection of all our furry guests.

If staying in the Cattery, when should vaccinations be done?

All cats should have vaccinations annually. For any cats who are due to have their annual vaccination at the time of arriving, they need to be done at least 10 days (preferably 14) prior to staying in the cattery. Unfortunately vaccinated cats can still be carriers of illnesses, so even if they don't show signs of being ill, they can be carrying an illness that lies dormant. If a cat is vaccinated, they still may pick up viruses or illnesses because vaccinations don't cover every illness. And like the human flu vaccination, in some cases cats can still get sick, but the symptoms are less severe in vaccinated cats.

I have heard vaccinations last for 2 or 3 years. Do you accept this or do they need to be done annually?

At this stage, no. This has been a hot topic over the last couple of years, but there is still no registered 2 or 3 year vaccine for cats. Some vets may recommend to owners that vaccines can be done every 2 or 3 years. However, in most cases this information is based on the cat/s being purely indoors, and never leaving that environment. We are still being told by reputable vets that if a cat is being accommodated in a Cattery, it is important to have yearly vaccinations. We also do not accept titre tests.

Do you require a deposit or do you have a cancellation policy?

All bookings that fall across Christmas and Easter require a deposit. All other bookings may be subjected to a deposit or cancellation fee if we are not given sufficient notice of the cancellation. This is due to the fact we are fully booked 365 days a year and most of the time if we are given notice of a cancellation we are able to fill the Suite. Please ask us for a full copy of our cancellation policy.

Do I need to bring bedding, food or toys when my cat comes to stay?

We provide comfy bedding and a variety of toys. However, if you would like to bring any of these from home to ensure your cat has some familiar smells & surroundings, you are welcome to do so. We also provide Royal Canin biscuits, and most cats love them! But if your cat is on a special diet, or a very fussy eater, you are welcome to bring your cats own food. Please label it with your cats' name, and any directions regarding feeding. There is no discount for those who bring their own food. 

Why isn't the price cheaper if we bring our own food?

Our cost is the same daily rate whether you bring your own food or not. There are a couple of reasons why we don't charge a cheaper rate for those who bring their own food. One of these is that it is actually more time consuming. We can feed all our furry guests very quickly and efficiently if they are all on the same food. However, if we have half on our food, and half on their own food, it usually takes much, much longer to feed the same number of cats. The second reason is due to what comes out the other end in the litter box! We choose the premium food that we give primarily because it is full of nutrients that the cats' body uses, rather than it going in one end and out the other! Many other brands, or vet specific diets can leave quite the smell and mess to clean up. We are more than happy to feed your cat your own food, but we don't alter the price for this.

What about cat-related illnesses?

Let's be honest - like a child is more susceptible to illness in an environment with other children, cats are more susceptible to illness in an environment with other cats! We will always contact you or an emergency contact, to let you know of any signs of illness we may see, and seek vet treatment as needed. We are pleased to say that we have a vet come annually to Carmichaels and run through our practices with us, and we have been given the tick of approval for doing everything we possibly can to help eliminate illness in our Cattery. We use safe, but high strength disinfectant that is used by vets and vet hospitals. We disinfect the floors, walls, windows, litter trays, brushes, food and water bowls more than they actually recommend. We take immediate action on any cats that show signs of illness. We adapt the Cattery to suit all weather conditions to ensure the best comfort of our guests. We do not mix cats from different households, even if we are asked to! Please remember, that we can only do what we can at our end and if you suspect your cat may be coming down with anything, or it has been in an environment that may result in any illness, please let us know so we can monitor your cat as closely as possible. As most illnesses are brought on by change/stress, and all possible hygiene, health and safety procedures are carried out here at Carmichaels Cattery - and have been vet approved - it is unreasonable to expect that the costs of treating any case of illness of a cat boarding with us, be paid by this facility.

My cat needs medication - can you administer this?

If your cat requires medications, and is reasonably comfortable with this, then yes, we can administer medications. We suggest you call us to discuss the requirements for your cat prior to their stay.

Are you with the cats 24 hours a day?

No. The council determines our opening hours and while we spend a huge amount of time each day, with our guests, we still allow them to have a quality part of the day where they can relax, undisturbed, without people around. Even cats who love attention look forward to being able to curl up and sleep! Wherever possible, we still try to have at least one of us on our property in case of emergencies (including strong winds, storms and rain that could affect the comfort of our guests).

Does every cat get to go out on the verandah?

Yes. Our outdoor enclosures are shared between two indoor suites. But we DO NOT let more than one owner's cat/s in the outdoor enclosure at any one time. If there is no other cat staying in the neighbouring suite, they will have access to their outdoor enclosure from 6am-6pm each day (except in bad weather conditions). If we are heavily booked, we will let one cat out from 6am-12pm, and the neighbouring cat from 12pm-6pm. If you would prefer your cat doesn't go out onto the enclosed veranda, just let us know.

How big are your suites?

The indoor suites are approximately 2m (depth)x 1m (width) x 2.1m (high). The outdoor enclosures are approximately 1.8m (depth) x 2.1m (width)x 2.4m (high). We have 5 sets of two suites that are linked with cat doors. If you have more than one cat, and they like to be together throughout the day, but separated to eat or sleep, we recommend you request 2 suites with a cat door between them, to ensure the utmost comfort of your pets. Suites with cat doors are subject to availability! 

Why don't you accept 3 cats in one suite, from the same family?

Not only is it council requirement, but we pride ourselves on the high quality of care that we provide & feel this is lessened with having 3 cats & enough bowls, bedding & litter trays for each cat to be comfortable. Not only this, but also we like to closely monitor each & every cat that stays at Carmichaels to make sure they are healthy, eating, drinking, & using their litter normally. This can often be impossible to do so with 3 cats in one suite. So we have a limit of 2 cats from one household in each Suite.

You are booked out - can my cat just go in with someone else's?

No! We do not believe in mixing cats who are not living in the same household. We will not put your cat in with another person's cat so please don't ask us!

You are booked out - can I offer you more money to still take my cat? (Yes, this is actually asked alot!)

No! If we are booked out you can be placed on a cancellation list and if a place becomes available we start at the top of our list and work our way down (ie: the first person on the list gets first offer). Your offer of paying us more money is very generous, but we are not in this for the money.

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